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Screenwriter and producer Jim Hart

As one of the Top Ten Haute Young Authors featured at the Friends of SMU Libraries Tables of Content dinner on April 24, 2010, I was thrilled to enjoy the company of fellow Mustang (class of '69) Jim Hart, the original screen writer of ... yes... ANIMAL HOUSE! (He's also responsible for other wonderful iconic films like Bram Stoker's Dracula, Hook, and Tuck Everlasting). The good news is he bought a copy of My Soul to Keep and asked me to sign it. The unfortunate news is that I never witnessed one single food fight while I was a student at SMU - not even by the SAE's.

Author Anne Rice

In Out of the Darkness and Into the Light, I will be joining Anne Rice and other wonderful authors of cutting edge spiritual fiction, shooting the breeze about writing, spirituality, and the all-important creep factor. You can look forward to reading interviews by my good friends and colleagues T.L. Hines and Eric Wilson, along with a dozen other terrific writers. Thanks, David Boyer, for including me in this innovative project!

Author Melanie Wells

Melanie Wells began her writing career by telling lies on the playground. An accomplished fiddle player (she went to SMU on a music scholarship), she is the author of the critically acclaimed Dylan Foster series of psychological thrillers: When the Day of Evil Comes, The Soul Hunter, and My Soul to Keep (Waterbrook/Multnomah, a Division of Random House). Melanie holds two masters degrees and is a licensed psychotherapist and licensed marriage and family therapist. She is the founder and director of The LifeWorks Group, P.A., a collaborative, creative community of psychotherapists (, with offices in Dallas and Ft. Worth. She lives in Dallas with her dog, Gunner, who wishes she would not spend so much time at her computer. Fun fact: Lyle Lovett and Robert Earl Keen have both signed her fiddle case.

My Soul to Keep, the third and best Dylan Foster thriller, again demonstrates Melanie Wells' wit, intelligence and knack for telling a swiftly paced, complex story. Through a wonderful nework of plots and sub-plots -- and the ruminations of the ever-complicated Dr. Foster -- the novel reveals the helplessness and fierce love at the heart of parenting, as well as the way that each of us is responsible for children, our own, and others. Wells takes kids seriously -- their fears, their vulnerabilities, their spiritual wisdom and resiliency. Written with passion, a good dose of humor and, dare I say, soul, this novel reminds us that we all, with grace and good fortune, bumble our way toward salvation.
-K.L. Cook, award-winning author of The Girl from Charnelle

Thanks to Russell Blair for filming and editing this spot! Now go out and tell two friends!

Our I Told Two Friends campaign wrapped up in January. Thanks to everyone who joined us in our effort to support adult literacy! We don't have our results yet ... but I do know that we got emails from around the world in support of our cause.

Readers rock! Because of you, an eager adult will learn to read this sentence. Think about that. :-)

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Books by Melanie Wells

When the Day of Evil Comes - Excerpts
"I saw the first fly alight on the edge of my plate during supper. This was no ordinary fly. It was huge. The size of a small Volkswagen. I could have painted daisies on it and sold rides to small children."
The Soul Hunter - Excerpts
"Free-range anxiety is a lot like a free-range rooster. It can roam about at will, and if provoked, it just might peck you to death. My anxiety, already pushing hard against the fence, broke loose and jumped the chicken wire, clucking madly and scattering feathers everywhere."
My Soul to Keep - Excerpts
As nasty as I knew Peter Terry to be, I never expected him to start kidnapping kids. Much less a sweet, funny little boy with nothing to protect him but a few knock-kneed women, two rabbits, and a staple gun..."